VPS Virtual Dedicated Server

Provide fast VPS virtual dedicated server for forex traders

To minimize transaction latency and maintain optimal transaction performance, we recommend that you place your trading platform near our server and bank pricing engine. We have reached a cooperation agreement with Beeks FX. Beeks FX offers a virtual dedicated server, crossed to Morebroker Financial's data center Equinix in New York, which will provide our customers with an ideal and free trading experience.

What is VPS and why do I need it?

A virtual Private server (VPS) is a server that allows forex traders to perform a variety of automated algorithm policies, allowing your EA to run 7 days 24 hours a week without interference. Forex virtual Dedicated server will make you and the foreign exchange market without jet lag of the tight connection, to your business to add confidence.

VPS Monthly Service

You will need to open a MT4 account at Morebroker Financial to receive monthly discounts or waive monthly service charges.,Click here to applyVPS

Discounted Beeks FX VPS service Charge:

Copper version VPS —— $ 29 USD/month

Silver version VPS —— $ 56 USD/month

Gold version VPS —— $ 98 USD/month


Your MT4 monthly transaction volume to reach the following number of hands and above, you can be exempted from the monthly VPS costs:

Copper version VPS —— 20Hand * Monthly (free)

Silver version VPS —— 40Hand * Monthly (free)

Gold version VPS —— 50Hand * Monthly (free)

*The number of hands is limited to foreign exchange and gold trading. The number of trading hands for other trading varieties does not meet the minimum requirements for VPS (including index CFD, gold and crude trading)。

Monthly customer transactions not exempt from service fees per month hand, will be in accordance with the service charge of the VPS after the service charge from the customer's MT4 account. Customers who have traded more than the number of service charges can enjoy a free service charge of the month.

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