Liquidity Services

Morebroker Financial can provide liquidity, pricing and security services to financial institutions and their guests trading forex, CFD and stock indices

Why Choose Morebroker Financial Liquidity Service?

Advanced Pricing Engine

Morebroker Financial dedicated to creating a deep mobility network and pricing mechanism that enables us to offer highly competitive pricing and advanced transaction environments in a wide selection of markets. You can leverage our institutional depth of mobility, a wide range of product and price optimization system services, fast and secure all transaction operations, and expand your potential profits.

Regulation and security

Because Morebroker financial is tightly regulated by ASIC, your funds will be required to be placed independently in the trust account of AA-level bank (Westpac Western Pacific Bank). Morebroker Financial has a long term relationship with the bank to ensure that your transaction can proceed safely and smoothly.

Real-time tracking

Your transaction is more transparent, reliable and real-time in Morebroker financial, and we will provide you with real-time and accurate transaction reports summarizing the transaction performance.


Our advanced servers and technologies can be interleaved through optical fibers, allowing traders to perform order execution in milliseconds, with low latency and high execution trading environments.

Get our Liquidity

Institutional level trading accounts

Morebroker Financial, through institutional trading accounts, provides quotations to institutions and to a large number of traders who can obtain deep liquidity and micro-spreads in our quotations to avoid morebroker Potential conflicts of interest between financial and customers and liquidity providers.

Data interface

Through data interface, customers can get real-time price feedback without using intermediate software, which gives you carte blanche to accept and send transaction data. Many professional traders, funds and companies can have a data interface and their proprietary system docking. Morebroker Financial provides advanced price optimization systems to traders, brokers, fund managers, and companies through this data interface.

Our data interface provides a bridge between our pricing system and the automated transactions that customers use, as well as our trading channels for pricing systems and third-party platforms. With our highly flexible price optimization system, you can offer more trading options for your MT4 customers.

For automated trading customers with very high requirements for low latency, we recommend that you share server positioning in real time in the NY4 data center to ensure the best trading experience.

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