Common customer service problems

I want to apply for a real account, how to operate?

Please click here for detailed account opening procedure.Or refer to the following actions:

Click to create a real account, fill in the opening account application, and upload the supporting documents; Complete all steps and submit, audit the supporting documents in turn, once confirmed and passed, you will receive the login information of the customer trading account; Your application step is completed, and then you can log in to the customer background gold trading.

What is the cost of trading forex in Morebroker financial?

Morebroker Financial's MetaTrader4 platform has two types of forex accounts, one standard account and the other an ECN account for cutting-edge technology-leading industries. For standard accounts, we do not charge commissions, but add 1 points to the interbank offer from the liquidity provider as a service charge. The ECN account directly shows the interbank offer from the liquidity provider, and we only charge a 5-dollar commission per standard hand on this ECN account.

How can I become an IB (Introduction broker)?

We very much welcome with the strength of the IB to cooperate, if you want to become our introduction broker, please contact or with the lower right corner customer service staff contact.

Where is Morebroker Financial's real Transaction Server address?

The real servers of our Metatrader4 platform are located in Equinix NY4 and London, New York.

How do I get into gold?

MoreBroker Financial Support Remittance in the following ways:

  • Bank / Wire Transfer (Bank Telegraphic Transfer)
  • China Union Pay(UnionPay into Gold)
  • Poli Pay (For British guests only)
  • Neteller

Ourentry pagehas a detailed introduction to the gold.

What are the minimum requirements for opening a real account?

Morebroker Financial's MT4 platform's standard account can activate the account in just 200 dollars, and the ECN account needs 1000 dollars.

Is there a handling charge for the gold and the money?

MoreBroker Financial no entry fees are charged:

  • Wire Transfer / Bank Transfer(International Telegraphic Transfer)When remitted to our Westpac Quarantine trust account, Westpac does not charge a fee.
  • China Union Pay(China UnionPay)No handling fee, but exchange rate loss
  • Polipay(No handling charge for British guests)

What is the level of Morebroker Financial's margin (advance payment) forced to liquidate?

Morebroker financial margin recovery level ratio to 120% when the platform will appear low warehouse reminder, but not forced to close the position. When the margin ratio is reduced below 100%, the system will begin to force a closed position, the order is from the largest loss of the order to the smallest loss of orders to start one position.note:Not all positions are closed at the same time, but they are closed individually. When the largest loss of the position, the guarantee ratio is higher than 100%, the system will not continue to close the position, but waiting for the margin ratio to reach the next 100%, only to start to flat off the second biggest loss of orders. In the Morebroker Financial platform, the level of its position is: from the largest margin of the order to open the position to give customers sufficient margin.

What's the point difference between the Morebroker financial?

For specific spreads please check ourdot Matrix.

What is the overnight interest?

Overnight interest is the interest paid or earned at the overnight position. Each currency has its own interest rate, and since foreign exchange is traded in pairs, each transaction involves not only two currencies, but also two different rates. You can earn overnight interest (positive overnight interest) by buying a currency that is higher than the rate at which you sell the currency. If you buy a currency that is below the rate of the selling currency, you will need to pay overnight interest (negative overnight interest). Overnight interest may increase your transaction cost or profit significantly.

Where can I see the interest chart?

Interest can be viewed directly from the Metatrader4 platform. Right-click anywhere in the Market quotes window, select "Product List", in the pop-up window select the currency pair you want to view, and then click on the right side of the "Properties", then pop-up window can be seen in the "pay off stock" and "sell single swap inventory" that is the purchase and sale of the overnight interest.

You can also go to our site's Point Table To view the overnight interest, because the overnight interest is often updated, such as on the site and the MT4 platform, please use the MT4 platform interest.

Morebroker Financial offer a bonus?

No, the UK ASIC regulator will normally not offer bonuses, and we ask traders to be wary of brokers who offer bonuses and available funds.

What does the margin mean, and how to calculate the margin (advance payment)?

A margin is a sum of money that you must advance in your account to open a position. Morebroker Financial offers a margin lever from 1 to 400 times times. The required margin is calculated in base currency and converted into US dollars at the spot price. If your available margin is lower than the margin you need to open the warehouse, you will not be able to open the warehouse. The available margin is used to measure the amount of money required to open new positions.

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